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Volunteering can make a real difference to your own life and the lives of the children and young people that we support.  Volunteer facilitators are the heart of what we do at The Starfish Program.  With the supervision of staff members from The Starfish Program, each volunteer works with a group of other volunteer facilitators to create a safe environment that provides encouragement and support to children, teens, and adults grieving a death.

The volunteer facilitator training is designed to teach the skills needed to provide support and care for children who are grieving the death of a loved one.  Those accepted as volunteer facilitators are expected to commit to one year of service with The Starfish Program.j0402254 rev

We collect applications on an ongoing basis, so feel free to send yours in at any time throughout the year.  We will contact you about scheduling an interview once we review your application.  Should a person’s application be accepted, extensive 2 day training is provided.  The Volunteer Facilitator Training is an intense experience due to the nature of the subject.  There are many opportunities for developing self awareness as it relates one’s own personal experiences with grief and loss.  Please be advised that as a result of their training you might experience an increased need for personal and/or professional support.

Decisions about accepting someone to be a volunteer facilitator will be based on The Starfish Programs current needs and the applicant’s appropriateness for supporting grieving children.  Upon completion of the training and if you are selected to be a volunteer facilitator, a background check will then be conducted before you begin volunteering.

Volunteer Roles and Responsibilities

Volunteer Application

Confidentiality Agreement

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