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What Makes The Starfish Program Unique?

brother and sister 

Community Based Services
The Starfish Program exists to bring compassionate grief support to children in outlying communities in the metropolitan Denver area.

Community Alliances
School resource workers, faith-based service groups, and professional mental health workers partner to provide sites, services, volunteers, and funding for the Starfish Program. Services include children’s grief support groups, professional in-service training for those supporting grieving children, and on-going grief education and referral services.

Peer Support
Peer support groups focus on the death of a significant person in the child’s or teen’s life – parent brother, sister, grandparent, primary caregiver, best friend, teacher, cousin aunt, uncle, etc.

Structured Groups
Groups offer enough structure to decrease anxiety about what is going to happen each session, yet are flexible enough to pay attend to the group member’s needs in the present moment. Corresponding adult groups meet separately for adult caregivers while children are in group sessions.

Experience and Competence
Starfish Program staff and volunteer facilitators work under the supervision of therapists trained and experienced in children’s grief.

Low Fees
Services are offered at a nominal fee to allow maximum access by families.

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